R Kelly’s tour plan receives criticism

2019-02-06 at 18:29

Singer R Kelly has announced a new tour of Australia, New Zealand and Sri Lanka, sparking widespread criticism in light of abuse allegations against him.

The R&B star posted his plans on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, but later deleted the posts. The proposed concerts would come on the heels of a documentary detailing decades of alleged sexual abuse by the artist.

Local politicians have called for him to be barred from entering Australia. Australia’s opposition Labor party released a statement saying the singer should not be permitted to enter the country.

Yesterday, the 52-year old Grammy-winner tweeted “NEW TOUR ALERT”, but without giving concrete dates of when he would play, and where.

On Twitter, many expressed anger and said the singer wouldn’t be welcome in their countries.

R Kelly has not been convicted of any crimes in connection with the abuse claims.