SLFP to vote against the Government

2019-07-11 at 12:51


The final debate and the vote on the No-Confidence Motion tabled against the government by the JVP will be worked off today.

The group of United People’s Freedom Alliance Parliamentarians representing the Joint Opposition and the group of UPFA MPs representing the Sri Lanka Freedom Party have decided to vote in favour of the Motion.

However the Tamil National Alliance is yet to arrive at a final decision on the vote.

The No-Confidence Motion against the government was tabled by the JVP citing 13 facts including the government’s failure to prevent or minimise the damage of the Easter Sunday attacks and their inability to ensure the safety of the public.

General Secretary of the United People’s Freedom Alliance Parliamentarian Mahinda Amaraweera says the interest by groups in the Opposition towards the No-Confidence Motion is questionable.

Speaking at a media breifing today the MP said the JVP did not on any occasion hold talks with the Sri Lanka Freedom Party pertaining to the No-Confidence Motion. 

Parliamentarian Mahinda Amaraweera said the SLFP parliamentary group had reached a decision to vote in favour of the No-Confidence Motion after talks with its members.

He said the SLFP will continue to hold extensive talks and reach decisions pertaining matters of national importance.