Sri Lanka responds to international meddling

2019-09-11 at 19:20

Sri Lanka has informed the United Nation’s Human Rights Council that the appointment of the Commander of the Army is a sovereign decision of the President.

Addressing the 42nd Regular session of the UN Human Rights Council in Switzerland, Sri Lanka’s Permanent Representative in Geneva Ambassador ALA Azeez said it is unacceptable for external factions to interfere with internal matters of a country.

Ambassador Azeez detailed several steps taken by the government during the past few months and highlighted that Sri Lanka was able to lift the State of Emergency after just four months of the Easter Sunday bombings.

He said several new laws have been enacted including ways to punish hate speech following the attacks. Ambassador ALA Azeez responded to a number of statements made by countries on Sri Lanka.

Meanwhile, Canada, Germany, Macedonia, Montenegro, and the United Kingdom core group said they remain steadfast in its commitment to help Sri Lanka deliver peace, reconciliation and prosperity for all communities.