Trinity and Royal both win in a Bradby Classic

2019-06-15 at 18:30

Trinity College Kandy stunned Royal College Colombo by 24 points to 13 during the Second Leg of the historic 75th Bradby Shield Encounter as the two prestigious schools played out a Bradby classic at the Royal Complex this evening.

Despite the loss, Royal led by Thulaib Hassen secured the Bradby Shield for a record fifth consecutive time with a 47-41 aggregate win.

Following the 34-17 win in Kandy, a fortnight ago, Royal entered the second leg as favorites, and just in the third minute of the game Dulanjana Gunawardena put over a penalty to extend the lead to 20 points.

The battle between the two traditional rivals lost its glamour at the outset though, as Refree Ishanka Abeykoon continued to penalize the 18-year olds, making it a stop-start affair.

On the 14th minute, the game was brought to a standstill when Refree Abeykoon dished out a controversial yellow card to a Trinity player for an off-side offense.

A yellow card for Royal in the 22nd minute left both Royal and Trinity with just 14 players on the park.

The boys from the Hill Capital then pounced on Royal’s uncertainty to score an under-the-post try curtsey Direndra Ratwatte.

With the conversion through, Trinity led 07-03 while the Red, Gold and Blue jersey supporters found their voices for the first time in Colombo.

At the stoke of halftime, the Lions combined well and Milinda Jayasundara scored a five-pointer but the conversion was missed.

Trinity had a surprise 12-03 at lemons.

At the resumption, Trinity went on to dominate play and it paid dividends as Lenox Calyanaratne went over the line through a rolling maul to extend Trinity’s lead to 17-03.

On the 44th minute, Refree Abeykoon was again on the spotlight as he consulted the Television Match Official and then handed the send yellow card for the Trinitians, much to the amusement of the Royal Complex crowd.

The decision left Trinity supporters devastated but Royal players found their mojo.

After the second controversial yellow card, the Royalists scored a famous rolling maul try at the far end of the Royal Complex.

Dushantha Lewke’s men took advantage of the player advantage and scored the second push-over try in matter of minutes to reduce the deficit to 13-17.

With the grey Colombo skies coming down, Trinity College squad led by Reshan Bandaranayake put on a valiant show and scored their fourth try of the game on the 66th minute.

The Royalists then defended commendably during the last four minutes of the second leg to restrict Trinity to a 24-13 score line.

Today, Trinity won a mighty battle but Royal prevailed to retain the historic 75th Bradby Shield with a slender 6-point margin. The win also helped the Royalists to reduce the Bradby tally to 39-34.