Kohli causes uproar with ‘leave India’ comment

2018-11-08 at 20:19

India cricket captain Virat Kohli is embroiled in controversy after lashing out at a cricket fan who said he preferred English and Australian batsmen to Indian players.

Kohli told him in a video recording, “I don’t think you should live in India, go and live somewhere else.” He was responding to messages during the launch of his mobile app.

The video went viral and prompted a torrent of criticism against Kohli on social media.

The 30-year-old cricketer has been hailed as one of the greatest batsmen in the world and is often touted as India’s cricket megastar since national legend Sachin Tendulkar retired in 2013.

In the video, Kohli is seen reading out a message from a cricket fan who described him as an “over rated batsman”. He also said he enjoyed watching batsmen from English and Australian teams rather than the current Indian team.

Social media users were quick to call out Kohli over his remarks – and many referred to past instances in which he had praised sportspeople of other nationalities.