JVP interprets the next election results

2020-01-17 at 19:00

JVP Politburo Member KD Lalkantha says a government led by President Gotabaya Rajapaksa cannot secure a two thirds majority in Parliament after the conduct of the next General Election.

Speaking at a function in Kandy, Lalkantha said the government will use monetary means to secure a majority in Parliament, if they fail to obtain the people’s mandate.

He pointed out that the United National Party-led administration handed over the governing power to Mahinda Rajapaksa on a platter, even though it was not a demanded by the public.

In the event the UNP secures victory at the General Election, Lalkantha questioned as to whether the UNP is prepared to forfeit the powers and go home like they did before.

He claimed that he is baffled as to how one public mandate can nullify another mandate given at elections.

KD Lalkantha explained that a public mandate to elect a President, should not influence a leader to let go of the powers he has been given through a different election to operate Parliament.

The former JVP MP said he is puzzled by the fact that the particular leader who gave up his powers as the person who controlled Parliament, is now seeking to regain those powers by contesting the upcoming election.

Lalkantha requested voters to demand answers from those who had let go of the powers they had, without remaining in their positions.