WhatsApp introduces Picture-in-picture to Web users

2019-01-28 at 14:19

WhatsApp has been on a roll lately.

The Facebook-owned instant messaging platform introduced several new features in the last few months including limiting forward feature to just five users in India.

This measure was taken to stop the fast spreading of fake news and information which in some cases resulted in lynching and other such incidents in the country.

Last year WhatsApp rolled out several new features to the users to enhance the chatting experience one of them was the Picture-in-picture.

The same PIP feature is coming to WhatsApp Web now.

WhatsApp is soon expected to bring dark mode feature onboard.

The PIP feature is available on both iOS and Android for a very long time now.

The feature lets users watch a YouTube or videos from any other platform within the WhatsApp app.

This basically reduces the burden of switching between two apps to watch the video and chat at the same time.

Earlier WhatsApp users had to go to the YouTube app to watch the video and then return back to WhatsApp to message.

The new of WhatsApp Web getting comes from WABetainfo.

With the PiP feature, WhatsApp users can watch a video and message at the same time, Basically multi-task.

So how does the PiP feature works? Notably, the feature basically works only with the video links received on WhatsApp.

On clicking the link the video will open in a tiny window with the chat and the users will basically watch the video and also chat with friends.

WhatsApp brings the same experience to the Web users now.

Like for the phone users, WhatsApp Web users will no longer need to leave the messaging platform to watch a video received from their friends or family members.

According to the report, the picture-in-picture feature comes with the latest 0.3.2041 version of the WhatsApp Web.

This means to enjoy the PIP feature on WhatsApp Web users should upgrade to the latest version of the app.

Reportedly the rollout may happen in a phased manner so users who are yet to receive the update should need to be a little more patient.

Here’s how the picture-in-picture feature works in WhatsApp Web:

–You need to receive a YouTube video link from any of your contacts.

–Click on the video link.

–The video will open in a small window within the same chat window itself. (Notably, PIP feature can play other video platforms besides YouTube.)

–Users will be able to message their friends while watching the YouTube video. Basically multi-task.

–WhatsApp users will also be able to close the video playing in PIP mode by swiping the small window to right.