12 complaints lodged with CMEV during silent period

2019-11-15 at 13:30

The Centre for Monitoring Election Violence says 12 Presidential Election related complaints have been lodged thus far during the silent period in the lead up to tomorrow’s Presidential polls.

CMEV National Coordinator Manjula Gajanayake also noted nearly 200 complaints have been forwarded to the Election Commission pertaining to the misuse of social media during this time frame.

He said several election campaigning activities are taking place in the vicinity of temples, adding the CMEV also observed that thousands of posts are being shared back and forth on social media.

He noted that regardless of how many violations take place, the Police and the Election Commission will take measures to lodge complaints against such violators.

Therefore, Gajanayake said thus far the CMEV has received 12 complaints pertaining to unlawful election campaigning activities and failure to take down election offices during the period of silence.

Additionally, he stated the Centre has lodged almost 200 complaints with the Elections Commission pertaining to social media.