20 containers of waste re-exported to UK

2020-10-30 at 16:08

20 containers containing waste, which were brought down from England in 2017 using forged documents, will be re-exported to the UK today.

The move comes after the Court of Appeal ordered the Central Environmental Authority to take steps to re-export the 263 waste containers.

Customs Media Spokesman Additional Director General of Customs Sunil Jayaratne said the 20 containers will be sent to the UK in a carrier that will reach the Colombo Port this evening.

The carrier will reach the UK via the Rotterdam Port in the Netherlands. Jayaratne said another 65 containers will be re-exported on the 4th of November.

The Attorney General is also seeking legal action against the companies that facilitated the import of the 263 containers.

Controversy arose in 2017 pertaining to the stock of containers being brought to Sri Lanka.