Confident of achieving growth targets- Govt

2020-09-30 at 18:21

The government will present the 2021 Budget in Parliament on the 17th of November.

Speaking during a media briefing at the Ministry of Finance today, Secretary to the Ministry SR Attygalle confirmed the decision.

The government previously announced that the appropriation bill will be tabled during the second week of October.

Speaking at a media briefing held today at the Ministry of Finance, State Minister of Money & Capital Market Ajith Nivard Cabraal claimed that the government would be able to achieve the forecasted economic growth by the end of the year.

He pointed out that they had to control the outflux of currencies, as well as make efforts to strengthen the value of the rupee, despite many challenges.

State Minister Cabraal revealed that they were able to revive the domestic economy that was battered by issues.

Despite many countries failing, he stressed that Sri Lanka would be able to increase production to the pre-COVID era, as soon as possible.

As a government, the State Minister promised to ease restrictions imposed on imports, and added the committee appointed to investigate the matter is working on the proposal.

However, he noted that primary efforts within the Ministry would be to focus on loan repayments as Sri Lanka has never defaulted on its loans.

Since foreign exchange inflow is on an increasing trend, the State Minister guaranteed the economic growth rate would also be brought back to that of 2019 December.