20A not necessary to develop Sri Lanka -JVP

2020-10-25 at 17:12

The JVP says the powers gained through passing the 20th Amendment to the Constitution are not necessary to develop the country.

Former MP Bimal Rathnayake claimed, 15 oil tanks in Trincomalee had been handed over to India, adding that a two thirds majority power or the 20th Amendment is unnecessary to reclaim the oil tanks from India.

He added the 20th Amendment is also not necessary to reclaim the Hambantota Port or eradicate poverty in the country.

The former MP stated therefore such powers are only essential in carrying out activities amidst protests by the people.

He also questioned what the party led by Leader of the Opposition Sajith Premadasa can do for the country if its National List MP is also afraid in such a critical situation.

Bimal Rathnayake claimed it is apparent that such dictatorial powers are needed if working according to world super powers.