‘Presidential candidate has a $1M worth house in the US’

2019-09-12 at 08:55

State Minister Ranjan Ramanayake says a Presidential candidate has purchased a house in the United States worth a million US dollars.

Speaking at a media briefing yesterday the State Minister said the matter should be looked in to.

State Minister Ramanayake said he has friends in Los Angeles and in California who have shared information with him, claiming they sent him details of Presidential candidates and their assets.

The State Minister also showed pictures of a brand-new house in the US, including its interior.

Ramanayake noted the house is worth one million US dollars, stating that according to reports the house was purchased by a Presidential candidate.

The State Minister urged journalists to look into the matter.

Ranjan Ramanayake noted this is the best opportunity to reveal the truth, in the run up to the Presidential Election.