Accusations against UNP unfair- Hector Appuhamy

2019-02-12 at 16:43

United National Party Parliamentarian Hector Appuhamy says commending the President for the positive developments in the country and levelling accusations at the UNP over certain shortcomings is unacceptable.

Speaking during a media briefing held at the party headquarters Sirikotha MP Appuhamy said the operation that led to the arrest of drug kingpin Makandure Madush was launched by the law enforcement officials following government instructions.

The Parliamentarian noted the raids are carried out by the Sri Lanka Police and other law enforcement officials against underworld operations connected to Makandure Madush.

MP Appuhamy stressed all factions should unite to govern the country.

Meanwhile when questioned over the necessity to establish another National Government, MP Hector Appuhamy said a new coalition is in need to strengthened the present administration.

The Parliamentarian claimed the backing of all factions is needed to continue the government.

MP Appuhamy claimed UNP MPs were not in favour of the National Government following the 51-day coup.

He said UNP supporters were ill treated in the recent past and therefore it should be corrected.

The Parliamentarian noted the UNP is in favour of the National Government to solidify the strength in Parliament and to continue the government until 2020.