Additional ten hours for 20A debate-GL

2020-10-19 at 19:16

Minister of Education Prof. GL Peiris says the government faction has decided to grant an additional ten hours for the Parliament debate on the proposed 20th Amendment to the Constitution.

The additional ten hours have been allocated for Wednesday and Thursday; the days allocated for the debate.

The Minister speaking at a media briefing said time will not be allocated for a lunch break on the two dates.

He noted that Parliament will convene tomorrow with the Speaker of House due to inform the members, of the determination of the Supreme Court pertaining to the 20th Amendment.

The Minister added oral questions will not take place during the two days of debate, claiming that Parliament sittings on the two days will continue till 7.30pm.

Minister Peiris said the government expects the vote on the bill to take place at 7.30pm on Thursday.

General Secretary of the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna Parliamentarian Sagara Kariyawasam joining the media briefing said certain groups are circulating misinformation pertaining to the government over MP Rishad Bathiudeen.

He said the Mahinda Rajapaksa-led government was toppled by the use of social media platforms, adding that false claims were circulated widely against the then government.

The MP claimed the same ploy has been used in recent times with malicious content publicised on social media platforms to tarnish the image of the government.

MP Kariyawasam said the delay in arresting MP Rishad Bathiudeen was blamed on the government, stating that the MPs arrest this morning is a clear response to social media users who worked against the administration by posting false narratives in recent days.