AKD questions standards of face masks

2020-10-23 at 13:20

The adjournment debate on the current state of affairs pertaining to COVID-19 is currently underway in Parliament.

The request for the adjournment debate was put forward by leader of the National Peoples Power Anura Kumara Dissanayake.

Parliamentarian Dissanayake speaking in Parliament questioned if it was just that CEOs of large corporations disregarded the health of employees in order to reach targets, at a time that citizens in the country were being arrested for not wearing masks and are being warned for going purchasing medicines in curfew imposed areas.

The MP called for a stringent investigation to be conducted into the management of factories in keeping in line with equality for all in the country.

MP Dissanayake meanwhile said the production of face masks must be carried out under certain quality standards, as the manufacture of masks has become a business for self-employed individuals, who are unaware of quality and standards.

The MP stressed quality and standards together with a regulated price must be introduced.

He pointed to a clause being included in the recent health gazette notification for sanitization of hands, with no quality standard mentioned.

MP Dissanayake added some businessmen were given ethanol licenses for the same purpose.

Commenting on the conduct of Parliament sittings, the MP questioned how social distancing of a meter was to be observed in public, if Parliamentarians did not follow it within chambers.