All Muslim Ministers, State & Deputy Ministers resign

2019-06-03 at 17:50

All Muslim Ministers, State and Deputy Ministers have decided to resign from all their posts.

Addressing a media briefing at the Temple Trees this evening Parliamentarian Rauff Hakeem said the Cabinet of Ministers allowed all MPs representing the Muslim community to arrive at a decision individually.

The briefing was attended by several other Muslim Parliamentarians representing the government including Kabir Hashim, MHM Haleem, Mujibur Rahman and Rishad Bathiudeen.

MP Hakeem noted the Parliamentarians decided to resign from their relevant Ministerial posts with the aim of supporting all Defence Forces to carry out investigations over the Easter Sunday attacks expeditiously and transparently.

The Parliamentarian meanwhile expressed his disappointment in the government over the failure to ensure the safety of the Muslim community in the aftermath of the Easter attacks.

The MP claimed even though they decided to resign from respective posts they will not hinder the agendas of the government and will continue to engage in duties while remaining as backbenchers.

MP Rauff Hakeem added it is important to ensure the safety of all citizens including the Muslim community while safeguarding the country’s image before the global community.

The Parliamentarian furthermore said they cannot place their trust in the Parliament Select Committees adding all investigations related to the Easter Sunday attacks should be carried out by the Defence Forces and the Ministry of Law and Order following which perpetrators proven guilty of aiding and abetting terrorism or extremism should be brought to book.

MP Rauff Hakeem also said a number of innocent Muslims were arrested and remanded following the Easter Sunday attacks claiming that justice should be served to all innocent victims and attributed the decision to resign from Ministerial portfolios to serve this purpose as well.

MP Hakeem stressed if any politician is suspected to be linked to the recent terrorist attacks or is found inciting racism, a thorough and complete investigation should be launched over the allegations following which the law should be enacted against perpetrators proven guilty of charges regardless of positions and posts.

The Parliamentarian meanwhile called on the government to put an end to hate speech.

MP Rauff Hakeem claimed while the group of Muslim Parliamentarians will continue to support the government the survival of the government will entirely depend on their reaction to the prevailing situation.

Meanwhile addressing the media briefing Parliamentarian Kabir Hashim said attempts by certain factions to lead the country towards another bloodbath should be prevented.

The Parliamentarian claimed the decision to resign from their respective posts will ensure the continuation of an unhindered investigation adding the group expects the Defence Forces to complete investigations with a month.

MP Hashim stressed, Muslim politicians have taken all possible measures to facilitate national security adding the Muslim community will always be committed towards putting the country first.

The Parliamentarian claimed the Muslim community rejected the acts of extremists while they will continue to support ongoing investigations with the aim of standing firmly in solidarity with the country.