Arjuna bemoans lack of security

2018-11-08 at 13:51

Parliamentarian Arjuna Ranathunga has demanded for additional security, considering the prevailing uncertain political climate in the country.

MP Ranathunga said a request has been made through the Speaker of House, however bemoaned the lack of action by the relevant Ministry.

Commenting on the recent shooting incident in Dematagoda, Arjuna Ranathunga said despite helping to form a government, only injustice has been meted out to him.

MP Ranathunga noted that, he is alive today due to the timely action by one of his MSD officer adding however he is languishing behind bars at present.

MP Arjuna Ranathunga added no one else who were part of the commotion have not been apprehended thus far and stressed that he will pursue the case with evidence at hand.

He said he is dismayed about the prevailing situation in the country.