‘Peliyagoda fish market won’t open till all-clear’

2020-10-25 at 11:57

State Minister of Fisheries Kanchana Wijesekera says the Peliyagoda fish market which was closed after the detection several COVID-19 infections, will be opened only after authorisation by health authorities.

Speaking to NewsRadio the State Minister said the centre will remain closed until further notice.

Furthermore, State Minister Wijesekera said Fisheries Harbours will remain open only for fisherfolk who head out to sea and return to shores.

He revealed the reopening of the Peliyagoda fish market will be considered after disinfecting the premises and conducting tests on all individuals related.

The Minister refuted rumours that the virus could be spread through the distribution of fish, and confirmed that the Ministry of Health has made no such determination.

Therefore, the State Minister requested the public to refrain from such false news.

The public has also been requested to avoid visiting Fisheries Harbours unnecessarily.

He also requested fish vendors and other traders to follow health directives.