Bus unions give 3-days to the govt. to revise fares

2018-09-12 at 17:46

The All Island Private Bus Owners’ Federation has given a three-day ultimatum for the government, to increase bus fares following yesterday’s fuel price revisions.

Speaking to NewsRadio, General Secretary Anjana Priyanjith said a special resolution was passed today to demand the government to increase bus fares by 10 percent and to increase the minimum fare to 15 rupees.

Priyanjith said the Federation today convened for a special meeting in Colombo and decided to grant three days for the government to revise bus fares.

He added the Federation wants the government to increase the minimum fare to 15 rupees and demanded a 10 per cent increase in all bus fares.

He noted they expect the government to implement their proposal promptly.

However if the government fails to implement their proposal, Anjana Priyanjith said the bus operators will be forced to charge the revised amounts from passengers.

Fuel prices were revised with effect yesterday based on the Cabinet-approved Fuel Pricing formula.

Accordingly, based on the pricing formula that considers the international crude prices, the local retail price of fuel is revised on the 10th monthly.

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