Certain circulars didn’t assist the people-Fonseka

2020-07-01 at 06:56

Former Parliamentarian Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka says several United National Party supporters are severely inconvenienced owing to certain circulars issued under the good governance government.

Addressing a rally in Wattala Fonseka said this also contributed to the defeat at the 2019 Presidential Election.

He said the circulars issued by the then  government did not grant provisions to assist the public.

Fonseka said they were unable to take action against political vengeance, and were also unable to assist in enrolling children into schools.

However, the Former MP added that such actions created a distance between them and supporters.

He rued that in his seat Kelaniya, he was unable to support people in Kelaniya, Wattala and Ja-Ela, especially those who are illegal dwellers.

Sarath Fonseke claimed that the people were angry at the government for such reasons.