‘Claims of dissolving parliament untrue’

2018-11-08 at 08:42

The Government Information Department has refuted reports of efforts to dissolve Parliament.

A statement issued by the Department stated that an organised group was engaged in efforts to spread false rumours.

Meanwhile speaking during the Parliamentary group meeting of the United People’s Freedom Alliance that took place yesterday, Mahinda Rajapaksa had stated that there is no necessity to dissolve Parliament.

Speaking to NewsRadio United Peoples Freedom Alliance Parliamentarian Chandima Weerakkody said the discussion yesterday was focused on facing the present political crisis.

He noted no hasty steps would be taken to dissolve parliament, adding the group has more than 113 majority.

The MP further said it was also discussed as to how the Speaker is not acting independently but in a biased manner as a member of the United National Party.

He stressed whatever takes place should happen under Constitutional policy and standing orders.

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