CMEV commends Election Commission decision

2020-04-03 at 15:15

Election monitoring body the Centre for Monitoring Election Violence has commended the letter directed by the Election Commission to the President calling for the direction of the Supreme Court to be sought pertaining to the delay in conducting the General Election.

National Coordinator Manjula Gajanayake speaking to NewsRadio said the President can seek the Supreme Court’s interpretation of the matter.

He said such a request can only be made until the 4th of May.

Gajanayake said a decision pertaining to the election must be reached subsequently, due to several Constitutional issues that will arise.

Therefore, he noted that the Election Commission has informed the President in due time to seek the interpretation of the Supreme Court.

The Chairman of Elections yesterday requested the Presidential Secretary that it was necessary for the President to act promptly and seek the guidance of the Supreme Court in order to resolve concerns over the General Election.