President commended for MRP by Coconut Growers

2020-09-26 at 11:10

The Coconut Growers Association of Sri Lanka has commended the President’s decision to impose a control price for coconuts.

Chairman of the Association Jayantha Samarakoon speaking to NewsRadio said both producers and consumers will benefit from the imposition of a maximum retail price.

He revealed the harvest has decreased by 450 million coconuts when compared to previous years, due to the dry weather experienced last year.

The Chairman of the Coconut Growers Association attributed the recent price hike to the decrease in production and middlemen selling coconuts at various rates on a whim.

The government today issued an Extraordinary Gazette notification, imposing a maxim retail price of a coconut between Rs.60 and Rs.70.

The gazette notification in this regard was issued by the Consumer Affairs Authority.