Committee to probe complaints of political retribution

2019-12-11 at 08:00

The government has decided to appoint a committee to inquire into complaints lodged by those who were subjected to political retribution.

Speaking to NewsRadio, State Minister Vasudeva Nanayakkara said the decision was taken during a Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna Party leaders’ meeting held at the Temple Trees last evening.

He said before the Presidential Election, the public were requested to inform pertaining to persons who were subjected to political retribution, adding several complaints were received from such persons.

The State Minister said a committee has been appointed to inquire into such complaints.

He noted the previous government implemented various proposals haphazardly, like the increase of monthly salaries of 15,000 rupees for executive grade officers, however remarking that such proposals and decisions will not be implemented under the present government.

However he said some officers are compelled to implement such proposals as they remain cabinet decisions.

The State Minister said the issue needs to be addressed.

Meanwhile he stressed committee investigations pertaining to corruption allegations that were reported during the tenure of the previous government will be continued, adding measures will be taken to investigate all complaints that are lodged with the bribery commission.