‘Proposed Wild Elephant Reserve destroyed’

2020-09-17 at 08:18

Environmentalists say large areas of the proposed Wild Elephant Management Reserve in Hambantota have been destroyed by major companies and businessmen.

Environmentalist Sajeewa Chamikara said forest clearance spiked in Hambantota, as such reserve land plots have been given to major companies.

Speaking to NewsRadio, he said such activities will lead to a spike in human-elephant conflict.

Chamikara revealed that both humans and elephants have been harmed as a result of these conflicts.

He added, a Wild Elephant Management Reserve was proposed to be built in Hambantota, by joining the Udawalawe, Lunugamwehera and Bundala national park in order to avoid this issue.

However, he pointed out that many illegal clearings have emerged in the area for mining and quarrying, as well as commercial farming.

Therefore, he requested authorities to establish this reserve to protect elephant’s natural habitat and avoid further human-elephant conflicts.