The economy must be understood-Amaraweera

2019-11-22 at 18:35

Minister of Passenger Transport and Power and Energy Mahinda Amaraweera says all individuals must be committed to ensuring a strong transport service.

Assuming duties today Minister Amaraweera said the country’s economy must be understood in order to move forward with development.

The Minister noted that the implications of a bus or train strike results in state officers slacking in daily routines.

He pointed out that the public in turn is severely affected.

While claiming that state institutions are maintained by the people’s taxes, Minister Amaraweera requested trade unions to understand the risks in the country when a strike is launched.

The Minister said it has been forecast that by 2020, state revenue will be insufficient to pay off the loan instalments and interest.

He reiterated that the people must realise the dangers this situation poses as the countries production sector has depleted.

Minister Amaraweera said he would pay attention to sincere requests, but requested everyone to put in an extra effort in their daily tasks without cutting corners.