GMOA wants to save the health system from COVID

2021-05-07 at 06:32

The Government Medical Officers’ Association says with the significant increase in daily coronavirus cases, treatment centres have reached its full capacities.

Assistant Secretary of the GMOA Dr. Samantha Ananda speaking at a media briefing said significant delays have been reported in directing COVID-19 positive patients to treatment centres.

The GMOA requested the President and relevant technical committees to assess the present situation including the plans for the future in relation to COVID-19 and reach suitable decisions.

Dr. Ananda said it is inevitable that hospitals will exceed capacities with nearly 2,000 cases reported daily, adding that the health system will become overburdened.

He noted that such a situation will result in Sri Lanka becoming similar to India, in health facilities.

Dr. Samantha Ananda added the Director General of Health Services must take suitable decisions against individuals who interfere in COVID-19 mitigation efforts.

He said the coronavirus situation as at a critical juncture, adding that health, security forces, the government and public are working towards curbing its spread.

The GMOA representative said if unofficial matters related to the virus are taking place, they must be brought to a halt, whether it be an Ayurvedic syrup or any other matter.

He noted that the Director General is not only liable to treating and advising the public on COVID-19, but also ensuring that unnecessary incidents do not take place.