Cricketers can’t play according to Facebook experts

2019-03-19 at 07:45

The Committee Stage Debate or the Debate on the Third Reading of the 2019 Budget is due to get underway for a 12th day today in Parliament.

Accordingly, Expenditure Heads of Ministries of Public Enterprise, Kandyan Heritage and Kandy Development, Digital Infrastructure and Information Technology, Science, Technology and Research are due to be taken up for debate today.

Minister Arjuna Ranatunga meanwhile says there should be an immediate change with regards to the present situation of cricket in Sri Lanka.

Speaking during the Committee Stage Debate in Parliament yesterday, Minister Ranatunga said the recent disorganised administration negatively impacted cricket in Sri Lanka.

Minister of Sports Harin Fernando joining the debate said that the national players cannot play cricket according to Facebook experts.

In a defiant tone, Sports Minister Fernando said the public cannot expect Sri Lankan cricketers to play according to Facebook experts nor can the Facebook experts be appointed as coaches.

The Minister said he believes that the cricket administration should set up a happy dressing room and help unite the team.

Accordingly, the Sports Ministry is expected to launch an orientation program for all sports teams in the country.

Minister of Sports Harin Fernando added that more than the outcome of the game, the players should learn discipline adding that Sri Lanka will also benefit from disciplined players.


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