‘Community transmission if declared, will be critical’

2020-10-25 at 07:49

Media spokesman of the Ministry of Health Dr. Jayaruwan Bandara says if a declaration is made that coronavirus is prevalent in society, it will be considered a critical situation.

Dr. Bandara claimed, since scientific evidences are not available to prove the origin of the current COVID-19 cluster, a declaration has not been made confirming a community transmission.

He said authorities were able to trace the contacts of Minuwangoda apparel factory workers who were residing in 22 districts, as soon as cases emerged.

Dr. Bandara noted they cannot follow the same method for the Peliyagoda Fish Market cluster, as they have no record of visitors and their contacts, unless PCR tests confirm an infection.

He therefore claimed, identifying the origin of the Peliyagoda cluster will be a difficult task than that of the Minuwangoda COVID-19 cluster.

Dr. Jayaruwan Bandara noted, the Peliyagoda cluster will pose bigger challenges and threats than the Minuwangoda cluster.

He said certain factions claim that an individual from the Minuwangoda cluster visited the Peliyagoda market, adding that  such statements are unsubstantiated.

Dr. Bandara said there are possibilities that an infected individual from the Peliyagoda cluster may have spread the virus to a Minuwangoda apparel  factory worker.

He said without thorough investigations authorities cannot confirm the origin of the cluster or the existence of community transmission.

He said cases have been detected from all parts of the country with most have been linked to the cluster.

He said therefore instead of awaiting a declaration on community transmission, the public should take measures to avoid the spread of the virus.

Dr. Jayaruwan Bandara urged the public to take adequate precautions.