Curfew could continue till 4th April-Wimal

2020-03-26 at 19:11

Minister Wimal Weerawansa believes the curfew imposed across the island could likely be imposed till the 4th of April.

Speaking to media today the Minister said curfew will continue to remain in place until the threat of the coronavirus is contained.

Minister Weerawansa requested the people to support all efforts towards curbing the spread of the coronavirus, regardless of the inconveniences that may occur.

He noted that the Cabinet of Ministers, that convened yesterday, reached many important decisions pertaining to curbing the spread of the coronavirus including providing necessary concessions required by the public.

Minister Weerawansa said the Western Province has been deemed a high-risk zone for the spread of the virus, adding that therefore curfew regulations cannot be lifted until the situation is contained.

Therefore, the Minister said the Presidential Task Force has commenced an initiative to provide low income families of areas severely affected by the crisis to receive a concessionary package.

He noted that the risk of the virus will be prevalent till the 4th of April, adding that this period is required to identify if the virus is spreading among citizens.

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