Curfew in Gampaha District indefinitely

2020-10-25 at 14:18

Curfew imposed in the Gampaha District will continue indefinitely.

The Head of the National Operation Centre for Prevention of COVID-19 Outbreak Army Commander Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva said stores selling essential items and pharmacies in the district will be allowed to function from 8am to 10pm tomorrow, the 26th.

Curfew was imposed across the district last Wednesday.

Essential stores were allowed to open on several days to facilitate the public to purchase necessities.

However all stores were ordered to close over the weekend.

The Army Commander added all state and private bank branches in the Gampaha District will be open tomorrow, the 26th.

He said employees can use service IDs as curfew passes when travelling tomorrow.

The Army Commander added an assessment will be made pertaining to areas in the Gampaha District where COVID-19 cases have not been detected, stating that a decision will be reached pertaining to lifting curfew in such areas.

Meanwhile the Army Commander refuted claims that island wide curfew will be imposed.

Acting Police Media Spokesman DIG Ajith Rohana requested residents of the Gampaha District to visit the nearest store or pharmacy when obtaining essential services and advised one member of each household to visit stores.

He further stated Police have been deployed on duty to ensure groups of people don’t travel in one vehicle, as it is a violation of quarantine regulations.

He also noted in areas in which curfew has been imposed, rice and other essential food items as well as face masks are being sold at higher prices.

He added the Police remain vigilant in this regard and requested vendors to refrain from such measures under the prevailing circumstances.

DIG Rohana said further action will be taken in this regard after informing the Consumer Affairs Authority.