Burevi to have an impact on entire Sri Lanka

2020-12-02 at 17:06

The Cyclone Burevi, currently over the Bay of Bengal area is expected to impact all provinces in the country, either directly or indirectly.

Speaking during a special discussion, Acting Director General of the Department of Meteorology Athula Karunanayake said storm surges, floods, heavy showers and gusty winds can be expected in several areas during the next few hours.

He said Cyclone Burevi during its approach to the country will impact the Eastern, Northern, North-Central and North-Western Provinces while due to the outer band of the system, the remaining areas in the country will be hit by showers and strong winds.

The cyclonic storm Burevi is predicted to make landfall along the east coast of Sri Lanka closer to Mullaitivu between 7pm and 10pm today.