‘Debate over alliance symbol must not drag on’

2020-02-16 at 19:36

Former Parliamentarian Tissa Attanayake says the proposed new alliance led by Sajith Premadasa must reach a direct decision, if the United National Party’s internal conflicts of opinion pertaining to the symbol of the new alliance remain unresolved after Tuesday.

Speaking to media in Kandy Attanayake said nevertheless it is anticipated that all prevailing issues will be resolved during the UNP Working Committee meeting due to be held on Tuesday.

He stressed the UNP’s internal struggles have gone on far too long, adding the country was watching the issue closely and it can no longer be dragged on.

Attanayake noted that the alliance is not against contesting the election under the symbol of the Elephant.

However he explained that granting the symbol for the alliance to use would be an issue for the UNP as the Elephant was clearly the party’s symbol.

He stressed that the issue could not be discussed further beyond Tuesday, adding in the worst case scenario, the alliance must reach its own decision on how to resolve the problem.

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