Develop cricket in SL, not stadiums-Arjuna

2020-05-19 at 19:51

Former Sri Lanka skipper and former Parliamentarian Arjuna Ranatunga says funds allocated for the construction of new cricket stadiums, should instead be spent on developing the sport in the country.

Ranatunga was responding to a statement by Sri Lanka Cricket pertaining to the allocation of 40 million US dollars to construct a new stadium in Diyagama, Homagama.

He noted that Sri Lanka has several cricket stadiums, while stating that stadiums in Asgiriya and Moratuwa have been abandoned. Arjuna Ranatunga called for such stadiums to be developed instead of constructing new stadiums.

Ranatunga added that Sri Lanka has more cricket stadiums than Australia.

Ranatunga previously opposed the construction of the stadium in Hambantota, when he bore the Chairmanship of Sri Lanka Cricket at the time.

He called for school cricket to be developed, by providing talented youth the necessary equipment, adding that there are several schools in Colombo that practice with only three cricket bats.

The Former Parliamentarian added that one match was worked off at the Sooriyawewa Grounds in Hambantota for the past three years while stating that not a single match was played at the Dambulla cricket stadium during the same period.

He claimed that such projects are focused on pleasing politicians, and reiterated that this is not a suitable time to construct stadiums when the country is reeling from the effects of the coronavirus.