Discussion on MCC grant began in 2006-Sajith

2020-07-01 at 06:48

The leader of the Samagi Jana Balawegaya Sajith Premadasa says the first discussion related to the Millennium Challenge Corporation agreement was held in 2006 between Sri Lanka and the United States.

Speaking at a rally in Chilaw Premadasa said information related to the agreement is included in Wikileaks cables.

He noted that the first discussion regarding the MCC agreement did not take place under the United National Party led government, highlighting that discussions commenced between then President Mahinda Rajapaksa and the then US Ambassador Robert Blake in October 2006.

While stating that the truth will be unveiled in future, Premadasa said WikiLeaks cables revealed that messages were transferred via a cable between the US Embassy here and the US State Department.

Sajith Premadasa meanwhile pledged to tear up the MCC agreement after winning the General Election.

Premadasa said he was against the MCC agreement when he was in the Cabinet and when he was contesting the Presidential Election as well.

He claimed that his stance on the MCC has not changed, adding that when the people of this country vote for the symbol of the telephone and bring victory to the SJB, he will scrap the MCC agreement.

Premadasa also accused the government of commencing negotiations in 2006, rebranding it as an agreement started by the UNP government and later claiming 70% of the agreement was positive.