DMT offices to resume operation

2020-10-20 at 06:29

The public services provided by the Department of Motor Traffic, which were temporarily withheld due to the risk of COVID-19 will recommence today, with limited staff and other limitations.

Individuals seeking to obtain services by the Department have bene requested to contact the hotlines between 9am and 4pm on weekdays for appointments for services such as vehicle registrations, driving licenses issuances, number plates issuances and issuing reports on vehicle inspection.

The Department said services will not be provided outside of the said procedure.

The facility to hand over vehicle transfer applications to the nearest Divisional Secretariat or Motor Traffic Department district offices is also available.

Therefore, the public has been advised to visit the head office only for essential services.

Additionally, the one -day service of issuing licences by the Werahera office will be withheld, until further notice.

The service will be limited to clients who reside in the Colombo District or are employed in Colombo. Individuals are expected to ascertain residency or employment in the relevant area.