Do not spread ‘fake news’ on social media -Govt

2020-09-29 at 07:40

The President’s Media Division says a decision has been reached to take legal action against persons spreading misinformation on social media pertaining to the destruction of the environment, in a bid to mislead the public.

The PMD said information has been received of an operation being carried out to publish misleading news items with photographs stating large scale environmental damage is being caused under the current government.

The statement said that according to the media reports, the government is maintaining a silent approach over the damages caused to the environment.

The government charges that misleading news of environmental harm is being spread, especially via social media platforms and through print and electronic media while claiming that such news items will be taken down only when it is deemed inaccurate.

However, the PMD charged the opposition and its supporters of prioritising such misleading news items at gatherings, media briefings and interviews.