‘Don’t issue nominations to the corrupt’

2020-01-14 at 07:58

The March 12 Movement has decided to meet with political party leaders to request them to refrain from granting nominations to corrupt individuals at the upcoming General Election.

Speaking to NewsRadio, National Coordinator of the Centre for Monitoring Election Violence Manjula Gajanayake said corruption free candidates are required to in order to ensure the smooth conduct of the General Election.

Gajanayake said at the commencement of the March 12th Movement, eight guidelines were introduced, adding that the process that political parties must follow when selecting candidates was also included.

He noted that they hope political parties will hand out nominations to candidates who are free of corruption, environment-friendly and leaders who are people friendly.

As the March 12th Movement, Manjula Gajanayake claimed they will amend the guidelines and evaluate them and meet political party leaders, religious leaders and other relevant parties in order to inform candidates of the amended recommendations.