‘Draft bill on Constitution will not be tabled tomorrow’

2019-01-10 at 20:19

Chairman of the Public Representations Committee on Constitutional Reform Senior Attorney Lal Wijenayake says the report compiled by an Expert Committee, on proposals pertaining to the new Constitution being tabled before the Constitutional Assembly, is not the draft bill of the proposed new Constitution.

Speaking to media in Kandy Chairman Wijenayake said the report will be tabled before the Assembly.

The Chairman noted the report is not a document compiled by one party adding it contains contributions of members representing all parties.

Wijenayake claimed the report will be discussed following which the draft bill of the Constitution will be tabled following the inclusion of discussions.

The Senior Attorney meanwhile said he is willing to express his opinion to all factions of Parliament pertaining to the report that is scheduled to be tabled before the Constitutional Assembly tomorrow.

Lal Wijenayake also said there was no requirement to create unnecessary concerns over the report.

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