‘EC must move against election law violations’

2019-12-15 at 07:00

The Center for Monitoring Election Violence says it expects the Election Commission to file legal action against all those who violated election laws during the Presidential election period.

Speaking to NewsRadio CMEV National Coordinator Manjula Gajanayake said such a move will be considered a bold and fearless one.

He said the CMEV anticipate that the Election Commission will resort to legal steps over complaints lodged pertaining to election related incidents during the Presidential polls, as the Commission pledged to do so several times in the recent past.

The National Coordinator said the Centre expects the Election Commission to work alongside the Sri Lanka Police and file cases against election law violators through the use of witness statements and testimonies.

Gajanayake remarked that the election can only be considered a truly fair one if said steps are taken, however he noted the Election Commission is yet to reach launch any such bold action against those who violated election law.