ECT: Port unions to strike this afternoon

2021-01-22 at 08:35

A report compiled by trade union collectives pertaining to the East Container Terminal of the Colombo Port, will be handed over to the government today.

The report has been compiled based on an agreement reached with the President at a discussion held recently pertaining to the conflicting situation over the terminal.

Chairman of the Port Workers Association Prasanna Kalutarage speaking to NewsRadio said the report will be handed over to the Cabinet Sub-Committee, appointed to look into the matter.

Kalutarage said trade unions within the Port are not in favour of the government preparing to sell or provide a minority stake of assets within the Port to an outside firm.

Kalutarage stressed the report included their sentiment that said they oppose the decision to grant a share of ownership to a private company, while the government retains a majority stake.

He expressed confidence in the Sri Lanka Ports Authority standing its ground over the matter, adding employees and the management alone can handle operations at the Port.

Prasanna Kalutarage said the report will be handed over subsequent to a strike action at Gate 3 of the Colombo Port this afternoon.

Kalutarage added their campaign was initiated with 23 unions and revealed a Movement was also organised to protect the Colombo East Terminal.

He claimed many individuals including religious leaders and civil organisations have backed demands of securing sole ownership of the terminal with the Ports Authority.