‘Elderly more vulnerable during current wave’

2021-05-12 at 13:13

State Minister of Epidemics and COVID Disease Control Sudarshini Fernandopulle says elderly persons will be the most critically affected during the third wave of the coronavirus.

The State Minister speaking at a media briefing at the Government Information Department said a majority among the coronavirus related deaths during the third wave have been elderly individuals.

The State Minister dismissed rumours circulating of young people succumbing to the virus during the prevalent virus wave, adding that according to statistics the deaths are mostly of elderly persons.

She reiterated and urged the public to therefore contribute to preventing the spread of the coronavirus.

State Minister Sudarshini Fernandopulle charged that the public instead of fulfilling their responsibility is more concerned of facilities in the health sector.

She added the public should not be concerned of beds in Intensive Care and High Dependency Units and oxygen requirements, adding that medical equipment can be increased in numbers.

However, the State Minister stressed it is more important to reduce the number of cases being reported on a daily basis in order to ensure that capacities at facilities are not stretched.

When questioned over the delay in imposing travel restrictions following the new wave of the coronavirus, the State Minister said at the time positive PCR tests had reduced to 2%-3% adding that a spike in patients was reported after the 5th of April with the mortality rate increasing recently.

She added the increase in the number of patients and the increase in the death toll occurred in a span of 27 days.

The State Minister said the mortality rate was down and number of patients was down and the increase started after the 15th of April and rapidly increased.

She added the government has taken steps to restrict travel between provinces. Fernandopulle added concerns arose as a majority of the population depend on daily wages.