Election estimated to cost Six Billion rupees

2020-02-13 at 07:00

The National Election Commission estimates it will cost approximately six billion rupees to conduct the upcoming Parliamentary Election.

When inquired by NewsRadio, the Secretary of the Commission, HMTD Herath said in comparison to the Presidential Polls, the State will incur additional expenditure to carry-out all measures to successfully conduct a Parliamentary Election.

Although at the Presidential Polls, a single ballot paper is used to cast votes, at the General Election, separate ballot papers must be printed for 22 electoral districts.

The Commission states that additional state sector employees are also being used during the conduct of General Elections.

Secretary Herath said between 4.5 to 5 billion rupees were spent to conduct the last Presidential Election.

However, the Commission is yet to receive the entire amount spent at the election.

HMTD Herath is expecting the funds used to conduct the Presidential Election will be re-allocated to the Commission, through the supplementary estimate the government is scheduled to present in Parliament next week.

He said no special arrangements have been made to conduct the impending election.

However measures have been taken to commence preliminary work such as the formulation of model ballot papers.

The Secretary of the Election Commission, HMTD Herath also confirmed that the upcoming Parliamentary Polls will be held under the 2019 Electoral Register.