Elephant deaths increasing at alarming rate

2019-02-05 at 08:09

The number of elephant deaths due to the human-elephant conflict is increasing at an alarming rate.

A total of 278 wild elephant deaths were reported in 2018 alone.

According to Environmentalist and Environmental Conservation Trust Director Sajeewa Chamikara, gunfire, the use ‘hakka patas’, and train accidents have been attributed to majority of the deaths.

He said due to unplanned development projects and due to the reduction of national forest reserves, the wild elephant population in Sri Lanka has come under serious threat.

The Department of Wildlife Conservation meanwhile continue to erect new electric fences in an attempt to mitigate elephant depredations in agricultural and plantation areas.

The Department has also taken steps to apprehend those responsible for the killing of wild elephants.

However Environmentalist Sajeewa Chamikara said additional steps must be taken to combat serious threats and increase the wild elephant population in Sri Lanka.

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