‘Estate workers trying to curtail allowances’

2021-04-08 at 08:40

The opposition claims that estate owners are attempting to suspend all allowances of plantation workers in order to facilitate the increase of their daily wage to Rs.1,000.

Speaking at a media briefing in Colombo, Parliamentarian Vadivel Suresh said they will seek legal action if estate owners’ resort to such measures.

He said traditionally if someone plucks 15-16kg of tea, they receive Rs.750 while for every additional kilogram they are provided Rs.40.

MP Suresh said a similar process is followed at rubber plantations as well with additional kilograms yielding Rs.40.

He said despite the process, estate owners are now planning on removing such clauses and have agreed to pay the Rs.1,000 daily wage which has become a law.

Parliamentarian Suresh said estate owners should not curtail allowances of plantation workers and said they will be left with no choice but to go to Court if such measures are taken.