E-land registration must be expedited-President

2020-07-01 at 06:21

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has instructed officials to expedite the electronic registration of land in order to eradicate fraud during land registration to speed up the process of land registrations.

The President noted that the public is faced with many difficulties due to fraud and delays in the land registration process.

President Rajapaksa highlighted the importance of accelerating the e-Land Registration system in collaboration with the Department of Land Commissioner, the Land Title Settlement Department, the Survey Department and the Registrar Generals Department.

Speaking at a discussion at the Presidential Secretariat yesterday President Rajapaksa emphasized that effective coordination among related entities in charge of land registration should be maintained.

The President also advised to set up a committee comprising the Ministries of Wildlife, Forest Conservation and Environment.

Under the new registration programme, details of land deeds and title abstracts will be computerized.

Information on title abstracts can be obtained online by Attorneys, Notaries, any individual or any government institute.

The programme is expected to be launched by August with the support of the Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka.