Fall Armyworm Menace: Farmers given ‘all clear’

2019-02-11 at 08:42

The Department of Agriculture has requested farmers across the country to recommence maize cultivation from the next ‘Yala’ season after the successful eradication of the fall armyworm.

Speaking to media in Kandy, Director of the Extension and Training Division of the Agriculture Department KB Gunarathne said following extensive research conducted by several institutions, the department has succeeded in nullifying the threat of the bug.

He said only five percent of the 80,000 hectare maize cultivation was destroyed due to the Fall Armyworm or locally known as ‘Senaa’ caterpillar.

Director KB Gunarathne added although the threat of the Fall Armyworm has been nullified isolated incidents could surface during the upcoming months.

Director KB Gunarathne also detailed several precautionary measures to be followed by maize farmers during the next Yala season.

He said farmers have been instructed to commence the upcoming season from the 1st of May adding the Department will provide periodic reviews to minimise the impact of the bug.

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