Finance Ministry is trying to destroy SLTB -Arjuna

2019-08-14 at 15:07

Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation Arjuna Ranatunga charges several officials of the Ministry of Finance of attempting to destroy the Sri Lanka Transport Board.

Speaking to media following an event in Dompe the Transport Minister said the programme to import 2,000 luxury buses for the SLTB has been halted as a result of obstructions by Finance Ministry officials.

Minister Ranatunga said he has been attempting to gain the approval of the Cabinet of Ministers to import the buses for a period of one and a half months.

He claimed the Finance Ministry officials were not concerned of the needs of the public.

The Minister further charged Finance Ministry officials of falling under the private bus mafia in Sri Lanka.

He noted the officials were attempting to obtain permits and obtain buses for the private sector while attempting to sabotage the SLTB.

Minister Ranatunga said he also informed the President and Prime Minister to give him the opportunity to initiate a method to distribute buses for the public to travel in comfort, island wide.