Firearm found at Beliatta PS member’s residence

2019-03-20 at 19:36

Police have discovered an illegal firearm and several ammunition from the residence of the Opposition Leader of the Beliatta Pradeshiya Sabha Kapila Amarakoon who was admitted to hospital after sustaining injuries in a shooting reported this morning.

Police said the firearm and the ammunition were found under a bed in the room where the Pradeshiya Sabha member was found lying injured.

Speaking to NewsRadio a senior Police Officer conducting investigations into the shooting said they have not received any leads on whether the shooting was carried out by a third party.

Police therefore suspect that the Pradeshiya Sabha member could have sustained injuries by accidentally firing the firearm or whether it could have been an attempt at suicide.

Accordingly the senior Police Officer said investigations pertaining to the incident are being conducted under several leads.

The shooting was reported between 0615 and 0715 this morning at his residence.

The 45-year old Pradeshiya Sabha member was admitted to the Tangalle hospital following the incident.

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