‘Govt. added Rs.1 trillion to the country’s debt’

2020-08-01 at 16:55

The JVP charges that the country’s debt burden has increased by Rs.1 trillion during the past eight months.

Former Parliamentarian Vijitha Herath speaking at a rally in Mirigama said the present administration will not be able to provide solutions to the grievances of the public.

Herath said the Rajapaksa’s governance cannot fix the country, cannot eradicate corruption and crime and cannot address the debt burden either.

The former MP added for the past eight months since Gotabaya Rajapaksa was elected President, the government has added Rs.1 trillion to the existing Rs.14 trillion debt.

He charged that the Rajapaksa’s cannot reduce the debt burden, cannot reduce the tax burden and cannot reduce the cost of living.